Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Week, In Photos

I found this online deal where for 400 shillings (about $5) I got 16 gourmet cupcakes. Blessing or a curse? You be the judge.

Me and my roommate Emmanuel. Caption this photo for yourself (if you dare).

Emmanuel and his girl Tatu. They will be embarrassed that I wrote this about them, but I'm doing it anyways. Their love is just so pure for each other. I imagine that is what love should be like. It makes me weepy. As you can (kind of) see, they even dress the same. True love.

Ok, this photo is embarrassing. If you know me, that is the face I make in photos when I am not quite sure what face I should be making. The house flooded.The tap was in 'on' position when we had run out of water, and it came back during the day. It ran for 10 straight hours. Emmanuel helped me clean up my room, and Tatu did the hallway/kitchen etc. They are excellent roomates.

Highrise at dusk. The view from my bedroom window.

Ok, this business is not as terrifying as it sounds (or looks--can you see the flank of meat hanging in the window without regard for foodsafe regulations? Gasp.)I get meat when here I have guests. The word 'hotel' is often used in the same way Canadians would say restaurant. Confusing for tourists.

We had our first piece of junk mail, so I felt it deserved to go on the fridge. Points gained for advertising well and for free delivery. Points lost for 'super'. Maybe they meant the food is super? I'm still going to check them out. Another ad around here implicates they serve delicious continental cuisine as well (they showed a picture of a burger...). I'll keep you updated, because I know you are dying to know (Jordan Rockerbie, this is me speaking directly to you--we unite in our love of food).
Note the Canadiana reference magnets and David Odanga's business card. This man lives above me and while hanging my laundry, told me to give him a call when I am single, or find him a white wife. This is my official call to my female readers: Please, someone date this man. He 'happens' to be leaving his apartment everytime I hang my laundry with 'where is my white wife' inquiries.

I bought this bag for 60 cents (Canadian). Yesterday a young boy downtown was trying to sell it and I passed him by. When I passed again, he stopped me and I asked him what he was doing selling a single plastic bag for 60 cents. He said he had bought it for 50 cents, and was trying to make money so that he could afford to take his KCPE exam (it is the most important exam here--it dictates which public schools you can get into. I think just over a third of applicants get in--the competition is fierce.). This encounter with the boy has gotten me thinking a lot, and I'll be posting again soon about the different issues Canadian and Kenyan children face.

Other things that happened this week (which I do not have photos for):

-My roommate Irene moved to Doha, Qatar for work. I am going to miss her so much, since she was so kind in offering to show me around when I got here. We went out for dinner at a little African hoteli.

-Took Joram for his birthday dinner. Went to a place called Savanna and had a veggie burger with mushrooms and cheese. After weeks of githeri with rice, I forgot food could taste that good.

-A truck delivering beer to a shop downstairs hit our internet cable and snapped it, leaving us without internet for the week. I was reconnected today and was happy to catch up on the news and what has been going on. I am in disbelief (happy disbelief) that a little video called Kony 2012 garnered over 70 million views in 5 days. The world is good. If you haven't seen it, watch it here:


  1. and i am looking right at you when i say that cupcakes are always a blessing. enjoy your delicious non-githeri food when you can, and maybe start curating a list of things to eat when you come back. also, try not to brings any husbands with you. that would be a bad idea. unless he dresses like you, in which case it would apparently constitute "pure love" like Emmanuel and Tatu.

  2. I might bring back a few, ask your friends if they want any. I guarantee I can hook them up. Ha! I wish you could meet Emmanuel and Tatu, they are the sweetest.

    I am totally making a list which I know you can help me with. Included: KD, peanut butter, a trip to Johns Place, veggie poutine, Tim Hortons (obviously, its our special place), McDonalds fries with ketchup, Rocky Mountain chocolate factory...ok, I'll shut up and stop making myself sound like a tub of lard.

    PS: Smile cookie, veggie burgers, thai food, sun chips, and second slice pizza.