Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dear Aga Khan University Hospital,

You are a business, not a hospital. And your customer service sucks.

Attempt #1: Sent with a letter marked 'URGENT' from your sister clinic downtown (to whom I paid a handsome consultation fee which was to be extended to my hospital use) to see a ear specialist since I am going deaf. Ear specialist decided to take the day off. Rescheduled by nurse for ear clinic.

Attempt #2: Come for the ear clinic. Find out it has been cancelled by the doctor. Reschedule appointment.

Attempt #3: Since I didn't see the specialist after I had gone to the clinic, they wanted me to re pay the consultation fee. Not my fault, your doctor went home early, then cancelled the clinic. I will not re pay, my pride is too big and my bank account too small.

I'm better going off to KNH, where the nurses are striking. Even if they aren't showing up for work they are at least doing something productive/more than you are and I bet the service is better too.

I'll be back only to insult you in sign language, since I am still going deaf.

That is all.


Kayla Woodruff.


  1. So...can you hear out of your right ear yet??

  2. Its getting slightly better! The other day I used that ear to talk on the phone, so I am figuring its a good sign. If it gets bad again I will go to some other hospital :)