Friday, December 16, 2011

Karibu Kenya

I love this place.

I got in Wednesday night and am settling in well. Thursday I got my cellphone (My number is 0713-747-358. Put 011 and 254 before it for international--if you text me or email, I can call you from here. It is so cheap.)

So far, I've just been sucking it all lovely friend Joram has been showing me the Kenyan places to be so I've been busy just observing this wonderful place and eating chapati and sipping chai. I love it, and its been so nice to relax...if you know anything of the months leading up to my trip you'll know things have been anything but relaxing.

Tomorrow I head to Mombasa for my lovely rafiki Nikoles wedding! I am so excited. I got to see her today for a few minutes and what a blessing! She is Canadian but from seeing her today its like seeinga mzungu Kenyan. Hopefully by the end of 7.5 months I can be also :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

The "See You Laters"

Right now I am on a BC Ferry, after having said goodbye to my family today and many of my friends either Sunday or earlier in the week. After much stress and last minute shenanigans, I can finally say I am on my way to lovely Kenya.

I am going to miss everyone so much, I ask that you all do keep in touch with me personally--my email is I want to hear how each of you are because we are marafiki! (Friends--slowly I will learn this language!)

A was blessed to have a few goodbye shindigs in which I got to see my favorite people!

Surprise! I walked into Birdies house expecting to make some Christmas crafts and sip tea. Little did I know my friends (who made this lovely sign) were waiting for me!

The ladies who wished me a wonderful 'safari njema' (good journey, in Kiswahili). From left to right: Emily, myself, Sandra, Janine, and Birdie. Thanks for being such wonderful friends. I am so beyond lucky to have you :)