Friday, March 16, 2012

Maple Leaf Love


Yesterday I went to party near Yaya and was so glad to have found some Canadian girl time! I met May (from the UK, but lived in Toronto) and Glennys from Ottawa! Seriously, how good it was to have some Canadian friends. Now I do love my Kenyan friends so, so much--but it is also nice to sit and talk about how lovely Canada is, how it is adjusting to being an expat in a new place, or our interests--which were pretty similar. We could all relate. Everyone I met had these amazing areas of work and study advocacy, street children programs, human rights law, Kenyan political science. I'm pretty sure I'd talk about that stuff all day if my friends back home would tolerate it, ha! So it was nice.

I also rediscovered something about myself. I like to drink tea. Probably more than the average person. To supplement this idea, I also don't like drinking. So therefore, I last night I drank tea while others drank Tusker. This makes the game 'Never have I ever' slightly more awkward. Ha, but really--to the point: I used to feel kind of ashamed for being the non-drinker (I sometimes get : 'Is it a religion thing?')But really it isn't. I just don't like to. I've decided to embrace it. So here is the truth. I love my friends. I love my time with friends, and I love meeting new friends. I do not like drinking, and by extension, usually don't like parties either (It's why Andy Samberg and I fell out after he made 'Hot Rod'...). I will always vote for Saturday night tea on the couch instead of get drunk Saturday night/not be able to function Sunday. I'm embracing that fact. That is me.

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