Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Years Resolutions

This post is quite late, but I figure its never too late to set some goals. I've had some things of my mind lately so I figure instead of just thinking, I should probably turn that into doing. Here goes!

1. Treat myself.
Usually I'm a really, really frugal person. Or I don't think I deserve stuff. Or I save it for a special occasion. My friend Ali brought me some Kraft Dinner from the great white north and I've been hoarding it for some reason. I decided that today was a special occasion, because I wanted it.

2. This is Africa.
Not a resolution in and of itself, but more of concept that I am hearing everywhere here. It is usually what I hear when something doesn't work out as planned or when something is different than what you're used to.
-"The water has stopped working and the electricity is out".....This is Africa.
-"Sorry, we gave your order to someone else so now you can't pick it up".....This is Africa.
-"You're supposed to start volunteering in a few days, so we'll figure out the particulars 'soon', ok?".....This is Africa.
You get the point. I need to accept that this is Africa.

3. Appreciate more.
Every once in a while I wonder why we wait for certain occasions to show the love. We wait for someone to go missing or die or go away before we say how great we think they are or how much we care for them. I think that's silly. Life would be a whole lot better if we knew how much we meant to the people in our lives. So I will appreciate more.

I will start by saying I love and appreciate anyone reading this blog! :)

4. Be a bit healthier.
I'm not ridiculously unhealthy, but I could take a lesson. Since I got to Kenya I've learned that Africa is the worlds largest Coca Cola market and half of that is likely attributed to myself. Ha, kidding. But also, to pay more attention to what I eat- I don't eat 'nyama' (meat) and I should pay some more mind to getting the proper vitamins and nutrients and other unexciting health stuff.

5. Let it go.
It can, and does, take me a long time to let things go. Sometimes I think of a bad thing and it just stays in my head for a long time, or turns into a bunch of other bad things. I am going to try to not let that happen and to replace each negative thought with a more positive thought.

6. Read More.
It should be known that I do read already, it is just usually either textbooks, the news, or perez hilton. Right now I am just finishing Gretchen Rubin's 'The Happiness Project', then hope to get 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho, 'The Fate of Africa' by Martin Meredith, and 'Shake Hands with the Devil' by Romeo Dallaire read as well. Books suggestions welcome! I need to broaden my repertoire.

To be Continued!


  1. Hey Rafiki, so happy to read your new years resolutions- it is never too late! Also happy to read that you are finally paying attention to the necessary vitmains for your diet. I am so proud of you and your dedication there. I miss you and wish I were experiencing this with you again! Love you lots.

    1. Haha. Don't tell Ann I haven't been taking my multivitamins. I am usually pretty good but have been counting chapo as a food group...ZERO nutrients I think.
      I wish you were here too rafiki! Isn't the same without you.
      PS: I'll tell Antony you say Hi *wink*.

    2. HAha, please tell everyone you see tht know me, I say hi. Also, is there anyway you can find about about how Esther is doing and send my love?
      Chap= zero nutrients + lots of yummy goodness! Hope you get back on track.