Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Canadian comes to Visit!

I am overjoyed.

My friend Ali from Victoria has come to visit me in Nairobi and I couldn't be happier! It is so lovely to have a friend from home to experience everything I have been talking about for the past 2 years. To have a Canadian conversation, and to talk about home and have someone understand! It has been good.

On her first day, I took her to the American Embassy Memorial Garden. It commemorates the 1998 terrorist bombing of the American Embassy. 213 people died here and thousands more were injured. It makes me feel extremely thankful to be alive and to be from a country where I can feel so safe.

I also took her to the Maasai Market along with our friends Joram and Paul. It is quite possibly the most hectic place to be. Everyone says 'Sista, Karibu sana (You're very welcome), or 'Pole pole (Slowly), looking is free! I'll give you a good deal!'. It was good to have some Kenyans there with us to ensure that was in fact true! Haha. She got some cool gifts for the family back home.

Together we went for a hike up the Ngong hills (about 50 minutes from Nairobi) and down into the Rift Valley. It was a beautiful hike! The top of the hills had these huge windmills, and from that spot you could look down into the Rift Valley, where we went of a walking safari. Ali (and I) were excited to see a baby giraffe that had just been born. It was still taller than we'll ever be.

More pictures to come!

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  1. i want to visit! unfortunately i'm a little tied up with the whole university and living in Kelowna thing.

    oh, and it snowed in Vic today. somehow. we got a dusting in Kelowna too. just though you should know what you're missing, hah.