Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kelvi-ni & Niko-lay's Wedding in Mombasa

Sorry for the lack of updates lately! Internet here is anything but reliable.

On the 17th, I met with Nikole, her mom Lorene, and maid of honor, Kasondra (Lovely ladies!). We took the bright and early Coast bus to Mombasa, arriving at Nikoles later in the evening. We stayed at Nikoles place for the night, and the next few days were filled with baking in the hot Mombasa sun and last minute wedding stuff! Amazingly, Nikole still had time to take us out and about in Mombasa.

Nikole took us to this market, in Mombasa's Old Town. We picked up some hand mixed spices for chai masala. (Photo courtesy of Lorene MacGregor)

To prepare for the wedding, we had our dresses fitted and picked up some sandals for Nikole. Both hers and ours were handmade, which was lovely. On the 20th, we went to the wedding rehearsal at Butterfly Pavillion in Bamburi. I think these two are great for each other. They are equally silly.

So were Kasondra and I. (Photos courtesy of Lorene MacGregor)

The day of the wedding was perfect. The temperature was just right, and Nikole looked beautiful. Lorene (her mom) has a history of doing hair and makeup and did an excellent job of it. Kelvin was looking quite sharp in his suit as well. The ceremony itself was small (40 people--although there were some people who just showed up anyways), but the reception was huge! About 300 people attended, and had fun eating biryani and dancing the night away. The experience reinforced my idea that Kenyans are the best dancers. I looked like a fool by comparison.

Wedding Day. I think this photo captures such a sweet moment. Kere (Nikoles Dad) is giving Nikoles hand to Kelvin, and they are just looking so sweetly at each other. Mom in the background, snapping away and looking lovely doing it. (Photo courtesy Ben Kiruthi)

The Ladies. From Left to Right: Myself, Rahab, Nikole, Lillian, and Kasondra. (Photo courtesy of Ben Kiruthi)

How thankful I was to be a part of this wedding! Thank you to the new Mr. and Mrs. Opiyo for having me in Mombasa, the MacGregors for welcoming me into their home at Pa Pweza, to Kasondra for being a lovely new friend and to Rahab for being just too great for words!


  1. ah, looks like you're having tonnes of fun in Kenya! jealous of your biryani and masala, and that spice market makes my mouth water.

  2. Well I certainly know what to bring you! We can make chai masala next time I see you. For now, I'll drink a cup and pretend you're here! Miss you J.