Friday, February 24, 2012

My week, In sentence form.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been busy this week with life in general. I'll give a more substantial post later, but for now (to keep it simple) here is my life this week, in sentence form:

-Started with regular work at Lea Toto, whereby Juliet and I went many home visits in Kibera and my swahili improved, however marginally.

-Had a couple uncomfortable situations which turned into one, larger positive situation--I counted my blessings.

-Was sent on an adventure downtown to get quotations for school uniforms, which I took to be a very exciting break from filing.

-Discovered how good it is to be a woman in Canada vs. a woman in Kenya (A large generalization, but still.)

-Discovered why I so love sociology--we are individuals, yet products of our culture and society as well.

-Took the day off yesterday to figure out visa stuff, only to find that I had messed up in such a major way that it turned back into a positive thing again(Counted my blessings a second time).

-Today, my plan is to do laundry, go to the market, and find some mandazi somewhere.

-As an extension of the last point, I hope to find an appropriate way to address the mango seller at the market who, each time I walk by, tries to propose and tells me that he loves me (Last time he tried to use a custard apple as a ring, and has said 'I love you' more than any guy I've there potential here? Ha.)

-I am thankful for my roommate Irene, and am sad that she is leaving for Dubai--but am also really excited that she was scouted and got a job offer to work in Dubai!

-I realised how much in fact I would miss her when she said 'Kayla, I'm going to get a drink of milk, like a cat...would you like some?' Myself: 'No thank you'. Irene: 'Meow'.

-I have discovered a new found interest in personal finance, courtesy of Krystal Yee @ (She is like a welcome financial slap in the face). I read her entire 480+ page blog in a week and a half.

-I am also thankful for my roommate Emmanuel, who usually helps catch all the bugs I encounter.

-A while ago I purchased 16 cupcakes from a Kenyan deal website, and the deal runs out Monday--so I have 16 cupcakes to deal with Monday night + a stomachache to contend with Tuesday morning. Help.

-For the past couple of days I have been trying to properly articulate a post on slum tourism. It is a kind of serious/argumentative topic, so I want to do it right.

-I heard from my Mom! Through a second hand source, but still. It was nice to hear from her and know she is thinking of me.

-Hakuna maji, again. Both a blessing and a curse, because while it sucks to have no water, it also provides a convenient way for me to procrastinate on doing my laundry. Whoops.

And now, for a photo I didn't take myself. These are Mandazi, and they are delicious. At only 5 cents each, they'll be the reason I : 1. Get a stomachache from eating too many, and 2: Look unrecognizably large upon my return to Canada.

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  1. your new task is to learn how to make mandazi. that way, i can get unrecognizably large with you upon your return to Canada.