Saturday, February 25, 2012

Enough food to last me a week...

I really, really hope that by posting this I am not one of those crazy (thrifty? frugal?) people from that extreme couponing show, but I thought I'd share how much some food items just cost me at the market and supermarket...

Handful of Baby Bananas: 60 cents
5 apples: $1.50
10 potatoes: 48 cents
3 onions: 22 cents
Head of lettuce: 72 cents
1 Kg of Beans: 96 cents
Small bag of green maize: $1.00
Small bag of peas: $1.00
Yogurt: $2.90
Bread: 47 cents
1 Kg of Rice: $1.83
3 Roma Tomatoes: 24 cents
Packet of Milk: 42 cents
2 packets of Peanuts: 48 cents

I had some leftover pasta, mushrooms and cucumber from last week, which would probably end up being around a dollar. And some condiments of course, so I'll be able to make breakfast, lunch and dinner all week without eating out...for under $15. I am proud.


  1. Nothing wrong with extreme couponing shorty...
    Miss ya love ya

  2. Good to hear from you sis...expect an email coming your way sometime soon. Love ya