Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Hakuna Maji"

English Translation: "No water"

My time spent here so far has taught me many things, but my Kiswahili skills are yet to be determined. One term I do know well is "Hakuna Maji". It is known among the people in my complex that water problems persist here. Usually however, the kitchen tap will stop and we can collect water from the tap in the washroom, or use our 100 litres of water we have set aside in a smaller kitchen tank for these things. Today, the kitchen tap has stopped, along with the bathroom sink and wash water tap. All the water is gone! Since there was also a water shortage yesterday (and usually it comes back within a few hours), our kitchen water tank is at most a third of capacity! Bad news for my Thursday night plans of washing my clothes, washing myself, and cooking dinner. Aren't I exciting?

I encourage anyone with a tap in their vicinity to go over, grab a glass, and get a drink of water! I'm definitely feeling sorry for all the times I've taken that lovely Sooke Reservoir for granted.

Fingers crossed that the maji comes back soon!

1 comment:

  1. that's how i feel in Kelowna sometimes! except there's never a lack of water, it just turns funny colours sometimes. but i'd rather say "Ick" than go without. new perspectives on the mundane are curious, aren't they?