Sunday, April 22, 2012

Things to Smile About

Remember when I said I would take a daily photo of something wonderful? Admittedly, I haven't been doing it as often as I should. But here is the first (of hopefully many) albums of awesome.

This was my birthday treat to myself. A delicious slice of cheesecake and a milkshake. Awesome!

Some pretty jewelry being sold at Maasai market downtown. Beautiful.

Funny sign in Nairobi encouraging people to get enough Vitamin C. Hilarious and therefore effective.

A nice text from my co-worker Juliet that made my day.

Some traditional/slightly tourist oriented art for sale in the Maasai market in downtown Nairobi.

The Hilton hotel in the middle of Nairobi is a wonderful meeting friends place/people watching spot.

My computer will not accept that I took new photos of cupcakes, so I'm just putting this one up again. For my birthday, my roomate ordered me some delicious cupcakes! Yum.

Contrary to some stereotypes at home, Nairobi City is very developed and has some cool architechure--here is a shot of Times Tower in city centre.

Some beautiful, modern African art in a downtown coffee shop.

My apologies for the delay in adding more photos! I jumped on the opportunity of good internet today and hope to be updating a little more often, provided things go as planned! :) Thanks for reading!

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