Monday, December 12, 2011

The "See You Laters"

Right now I am on a BC Ferry, after having said goodbye to my family today and many of my friends either Sunday or earlier in the week. After much stress and last minute shenanigans, I can finally say I am on my way to lovely Kenya.

I am going to miss everyone so much, I ask that you all do keep in touch with me personally--my email is I want to hear how each of you are because we are marafiki! (Friends--slowly I will learn this language!)

A was blessed to have a few goodbye shindigs in which I got to see my favorite people!

Surprise! I walked into Birdies house expecting to make some Christmas crafts and sip tea. Little did I know my friends (who made this lovely sign) were waiting for me!

The ladies who wished me a wonderful 'safari njema' (good journey, in Kiswahili). From left to right: Emily, myself, Sandra, Janine, and Birdie. Thanks for being such wonderful friends. I am so beyond lucky to have you :)

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