Friday, November 18, 2011

Kayla in Africa: 2009 Edition!

I am currently gearing up for my next trip to Kenya (25 days to go!) and I thought I'd share some stories from my last trip there--here are some of the things that helped me fall in love with Africa!

The view from the room of the first place I stayed. George welcomed me with tea and mandazi and made me feel completely at home here from the moment I walked in. What a lovely way to start my trip.

The kids at Sidai Childrens Rehabilitation Centre in Ngong, Kenya where I volunteered. They were some of the most positive kids I knew with intelligence to boot! I was so blessed to meet them. See you soon, kids!

My early morning game drive in the Masai Mara provided me many an opportunity to observe the beautiful wildlife there! I think this picture of Mama Elephant in the morning is one of my favorites. My photographically gifted friend Momo got this shot of me with some Zebras in the background! Cool.

I'll edit this post soon with a picture of some lovely people that really made my stay there--heres talking to you, Michelle/Ann/Angel/Mauricio/Nikole/Kelvin!

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